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  • Subliminal messages are those messages that pass through your consciousness and self-conscious without any resistance and directly reach the subconscious. From the treatment point of view, subliminal messages are offers or orders recorded by unique technology in a low frequency that ear can perceive at the level of consciousness; even if the mind cannot consciously hear or understand them. However, unconscious mind is able to hear those messages and adopt them as new patterns and believes at a proper time.

  • You do not perceive all the offers clearly and can only hear meditation tone, relaxing music and nature voices. Brainwaves technologies, like isochronic tones and binaural beats, are sometimes mixed in subliminal messages.

  • Isochronic tones or monaural beats are regular beats of a single tone that are used alongside monaural and binaural beats in the process called brainwave entrainments. At its simplest level, an isochronic tone is a tone that is being turned on and off rapidly. These tones create sharp, distinctive pulses of sound. Their aim is to produce special waves to create different states such as calmness, to make chemicals such as endorphin, feelings like harmony, happiness, love, etc.


    Isochronic tones

  • Binaural beats or binaural tones are auditory processing artifacts, or apparent sounds, that are created by a specific physical stimuli. This effect was discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, and earned greater public awareness in the late 20th century based on claims by medical communities that binaural beats could help induce relaxation, meditation, creativity and other desirable mental states. Resulting effect on brainwaves depends on the difference of frequency of each tone. Strike up 310Hz in one ear, for example, and 300Hz in another one leads to a 10Hz binaural beat.

  • You can feel considerable changes in your feelings and realities in a short time. You can have more positive experiences through your routine life. Your patterns of thoughts are automatically replaced by those believes compatible with you and your goals. However, subliminal messages are not magic pills and succeeding of these sessions is related to your willing (how much deeply want to reach your purpose). Your perseverance, time you assigned for this and concentration are really important.

  • You can actively hear if you are have concentration or when you are doing daily activities. There is no limitation. While you are actively listening to subliminal meditation try to sit down or lay down in a comfortable position and relax your muscles and take a deep breath then focus on your mind and your purpose at that session.

    You can also use visualization techniques and other unconscious mind programming methods that are defined. These methods are not necessary but they improve the session outcomes.

    Headsets are also recommended but not all of them.

    You are allowed to listen to subliminal meditation while you are working with computer, doing daily routines, at your office or whenever you like to (except while driving because meditation music may make you numb).

    You can listen even if you are asleep. Choose one session and play it over the night. Thus, you can work on your subconscious some more hours.

    Repetition is penetrating way to unconscious mind. Hence, it is recommended to listen to the album along day time and night time, as much as possible.

  • Lots of people perceive their subconscious such that they have to spend thousands of Tomans and through a long curing period they can reach their personal goals and wishes. So subliminal messages do not make a good feeling for them because it is a passive and cheap process.

    In fact, the changes do not occur every night regularly. But your need for replacement and repetition should be a habit every single night. And subliminal messages are made to serve you with your wishes. If you are fighting with your weight loss and still there is a doubt in your subconscious about being successful and you find some excuses for not be able to succeed. Then, subliminal messages adjust your subconscious with self-conscious and eliminate the gap between them. Hence, you can achieve your goals without any inner obstacle or anxiety and doubt.

    Nevertheless, you must really want it at first.  

    If you want to start a business which always has been your dream, subliminal messages will remove your subconscious excuses and help you to believe yourself. However, you still need to do some actions such as choosing what business and giving up your present job and developing your future business plan.

    Subliminal messages would employ your subconscious to protect you so you can easily succeed.

  • The volume of sound that makes you feel comfortable neither too load nor too low.

  • At least 21 days you should continuously listen to selective sessions during day and night but if you do not feel any changes then keep listening for 90 days, actively and passively, and after that you can listen again if necessary.

    If you do not feel any changes after 21 days, do not worry at all. Give yourself some more time. Everyone has different reaction to subliminal messages. Therefore, do not be stressful about that and give time to yourself.

    Try to enjoy this process as much as possible and be aware of absorption of adoptive messages by your subconscious.

    However, you can listen to a magnitude of subliminal messages that makes you feel good and there is no time limitation.

    All of the subliminal messages on this site are proved by scientific researches all over the world and they have been shown to be powerful and successful and they have made great changes in people lives. If you do not feel any changes, it could be because of a big resistance within you in front of changing or maybe you do not choose subliminal message precisely. In this case, you can use that session along with another method like visualization. Otherwise, choose another subliminal message to gain better results.

  • Our brain has electric activities over 24 hours a day. These activities are recognized by frequencies so called brain waves in which every wave is representative of a different state. Lots of studies have demonstrated that penetration and even ordering to those brainwaves and vibrations are possible whenever we are listening to them. This process is named brainwave entrainment and it could be extremely powerful and efficient if it is applied properly and continuously.

  • Purpose of generating healing sounds is achieving of the brain to a desired temperament by artificial brainwaves. While listening, it is recommended to stay in a calm state and take a deep breath and put yourself in a comfortable position.

    Point: drink some water before and after listening because water is an electric conductor; lesser dehydrated your body is, better penetrating and results are expected.

    It is suggested to listen before going to bed and when you are awake. However, you are allowed to listen whenever you want.

  • It is suggested to listen before going to bed and when you are awake. However, you are allowed to listen whenever you want.

    1. If you suffer from epilepsy or similar problems.
    2. Under 18 years old (this is NOT a meditation. This is technology. Since children’s brain is and extending until adolescence, even if there is little danger it does not mean that we can ignore it. This technology is not recommended for people under 18 because of hysteria, headache and slight pains possibilities).
    3. If you use Heart rate regulator device.
    4. When you are affected by drugs and narcotics.
    5. People who suffer from known psychopathy.
    6. An hour before working with heavy machineries.
    7. An hour before doing activities that may hurt you or others.
    8. If you are have high sensitivity to light.
    9. People who are pregnant.
  • Purpose of sound therapy is achieving of the brain to a desired state. After one or two weeks of listening, your brain would know how to shift to considered state. After listening for two or three weeks, you can take a few days rest and then listen for one week until strengthening the subject you are working on. And then you can use if necessary.


  • Brainwave entrainment technology is approved to be safe for use.

    Individuals who have listened to sound therapy may experience sadness or slight confusion at first stages because of too many negative thoughts resulted from subconscious mind.

    It is suggested to take a short rest every time after listening and then start again. If you feel unsafe about listening, avoid that session and choose another frequency.

    Most of the time, people have reported great results such as improved health, psychological balance, pain relief and reduced stress and anxiety.

  • Yes, MONYMS (Monyms) through its one year studies and researches, succeeded to achieve information about this method from Tony Dosanjh and provided them for you. So you can use this powerful and applicable tool and yet simple, to improve different aspects of your life. For more information you can click here. On this page you can see comments of the users who have used this method. Moreover, you are able to see comments of Randy Gage and many other professors who suggest this method.

    This software is a small part of subliminal messages generating process.

  • This software is a small part of subliminal messages generating process.

  • We are really grateful for visiting ‘‘’’.

    Using this site contents is completely free for public and using its products and services means that you have already accepted our conditions. So read the conditions carefully.

    Monyms is ready with love and obligation to help you to create changes you want and develop provided services for you by its products and other proposed services.

    This website, including extended knowledge about subliminal meditations, brainwave technology and other methods, is created to improve and help you.

    You can send us any questions or requests about using condition of this website in “contact us” part.

    We are currently working on all aspects of life using subliminal meditations and sending new and up-to-date subjects for our visitors and all interested people. However, we are not able to guarantee that the whole information of this website is accurate.

    Copy of the texts, papers, movies and contents introduced on website are banned to commercial use, spreading, duplicating and any similar activities and Monyms has no willingness about those matters.

    Audio and video files introduced on this website are only for personal use.


    In the following situations DO NOT listen to BMW(brainwave entrainment):

    If you have epilepsy or convulsion problems.

    If you are under 18 years old.

    If you use Heart rate regulator device.

    If you use drugs or narcotics.

    If you suffer from any well-known psychopathy.

    An hour before working with heavy machineries and vehicles.

    An hour before doing activities that may hurt you or others.

    If you are have high sensitivity to light.

    If you are pregnant.

    Monyms website is generated to help worldwide visitors to make self-changes, like problems they are encountered, using subliminal meditations, brainwaves and mind programming contents. Since subliminal educations and brainwaves are substantially strong, changes are not unlikely and consequences are different for everyone. One can experience quick results whereas another one may need more time.

    Therefore, it should be noted that results depend on individual’s purpose, perseverance and concentration and using instructions are strictly recommended to gain the results.

    Monyms website has no responsibility for the incorrect use of the albums. Hence, stick to the following table and album explanations.

    Albums without Binaural beats /Isochronic tones Albums with Binaural beats /Isochronic tones

    The amount of listening time

    Any amount you want to listen has no limit Up to an hour
    Listening time During the day (except when you drive) and sleeping time Night before bedtime
    Sound level The amount you feel comfortable with The amount you feel comfortable with
    Headphone The headphones are not needed. But it is suggested to use a headphone to make a better conclusion. It is necessary for Binaural beats
  • Try to use a 32Ω headset that most of the headsets and headphones work with this impedance. When purchasing a headset, notice this quantity on the headset’s properties. It would be great if you can find Sennheiser, AKG, Audio Technica brands.

  • Ms Sepideh’s experience of Blue Biokinesis:

    Hello. I got familiar with Biokinesis on a foreign site, about two months ago. I studied some information in English and tried to enhance my subconscious. Once I was typing the subject in Farsi, I ran into your website. There was nice and almost accurate information and best of all reading enjoyable subjects in Farsi about that. It has been 5 or 6 weeks that I have started to change my eye color. From the third week, I observed slight changes. My sister recolonized those changes and I of course had realized them before her.

    Dark nightfall, height increasing album

    Thanks… thanks … perfect …. I grew a few millimeters in spite my growth plates were closed…

    Thanks to your perfect website. It’s unbelievable. I’m prospering.

    Mr Ramin’s experience of money attraction and wealth magneto album:

    Hi how are you? I wanted to tell something: about two weeks ago, I bought subliminal message of wealth. I’m working in selling business and I didn’t have enough income. Exactly three days ago, more than 3 companies proposed me such good cooperation offers. Thanks to you. If only you make a program or file about planning and targeting it would be great. Thank you and your nice website.

    Mr Eslami’s experience of charisma (karizma) album:

    Hello, God bless you.

    I started listening to your karizma file, now after only one week I speak in the class in such a way that even the professor freezes.

    However, readers who are seeing my post must know that I have a great motivation too. Since I have a plan and purpose, this effect is twice for me and I can reach my goals in a shorter time.

    May all of you dear people be successful and happy, God will.

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    Your software was unique for me. I gave up a lot of my annoying habits and lots of good events have happened to me so my life path is changed. Now I send my excessive gratitude to you and I have a request: produce this software even, if a simpler version, for cellphones if it is possible. Thanks again.

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    Faramarz Khan-mohammadi


    And much more….


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