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I am Muhammad Alikhani, the administrator of Monyms. If you want to replace your restrictive beliefs with positive beliefs, but you don't know from where to start, please read this page.

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Hidden messages are Positive and hidden emphases that passes your consciousness or self-confidence and deliver itself directly to self-confidence. This is a way for facile and comfortable programming of unconsciousness. Hidden messages can be transferred both in video and audio.
If you can't hear a message or see that obviously, so your consciousness can't resist it.
In other words, in this process nothing can prevent a message from delivering to your unconsciousness and nothing can restrain a message from further programming of it.
If you hear emphases in form of spoken language, your mind will show lots of resistance because you can't believe what you have heard. For example if you want to increase your self-confidence, by listening to this emphasis that "I love myself and I respect myself. I am a deserving person" quickly your unconsciousness refuse new information because this sentences don’t correspond with unconscious belief and this message refusing cause a negative vibration and this act will interrupt the change in growth.

What are the hidden messages?

Brain wave entertainment or sound therapy is a technology that excites brain with waves or light flashing along with waves with specific frequencies. The purpose of sound therapy isn't creating thoughts and feelings but it prepare mind for creating positive and successful ideas.
In this site we use Buoys and Isontric Tones that both of them are proven scientifically to be greatly effective in reducing concerns, depression, strengthening the immune system, opening the center of the chakras, sleeping problems, overcoming addiction, and more.

When you were born, you didn’t have any belief but by time passing, your brain got all ideas, beliefs, thoughts and other’s behaviors and you will program for your future with these thoughts and beliefs and when you are generally planned, as long as these thoughts and belief have roots in your unconscious, you can do nothing wrong with this schedule.
Our unconsciousness is a hidden power, you do your work automatically without need of your attention. For example if you are afraid of this situation that you never have enough money, you may have been scheduled with a sentence in your childhood that “money doesn’t grow on trees”. In fact you have seen the reaction of your parents to stress, fear or lack of money and by this way your unconsciousness will find out that this feeling must be felt about money.
But in the counter point, a wealthy person doesn’t have any dependency between money and stress. These kinds of people love money and respect that but they don’t say that money is the palm of the hand, so they experience freedom and wealth in their life. And here I want to help you and all of Persians who want to change their life especially peoples who their unconscious for having an ideal life is blocked.
If you are stick to your old beliefs and thoughts for changing your life, hidden messages can help you to get rid of these harmful thoughts.
I have prepared hidden albums for you that can send emphases about money, job, love and relation, self confidence, depression, sleep problems, lose of weight, to your unconsciousness and also send a powerful package to your unconsciousness by visual and figurative way.
This site is the first and the biggest site in Iran in the field of unconscious programming by hidden messages.

What is your purpose to remove negative beliefs from your mind?

1. Changing can be happen faster as you think? Most of the people think that changing needs a lot of time and this idea that changing needs a lot of time is a strict belief itself, but it can be solved. In fact a significant change and evolution of a person can be done in one night, for example finding a good love or finding a new job or reading a Motivational sentence can start changing in yourself but big changes almost need efforts and time, just like body building club.
By repeating, the hidden messages will put down harmful beliefs so you can attract the most in a short time and with at least effort.
2. Hidden messages work when you have tendency for fundamental changes in your life.
You don't have enough, don't you? I believe that all of you have enough just believe it. I can feel it. This is your mind programming that has your responsibility and creates your life results.
The longest journey starts just by first step but you are ready to take first step. By the way if you haven’t any tendency to change your results and you are just curious, I suggest you that don’t start this journey at all but if you are now here, it's maybe a sign that you tend further programming your mind so let's start together.
3. Choose a change that you desire to achieve that.
Most of friends are tempted very quickly so they listen to different subjects together in a time frame but they don’t do so. Try to focus on one subject in a period of time, because emphasis on one feeling and one subject creates different results. For more information I suggest you to see frequent question page.

Let's define imagination and truth before going further:

Choose a subject that is most important for you, it isn’t important that what is that subject and how big is it even it's not important that how much resistance do you have against it, in the product album page you can choose your desired album that is written by accurate assertion.

How can I choose one hidden message?

As a member of MAMI EM ES, I want to train you the best usage of hidden messages.
For creating a purpose in your life, try not to open another project for yourself while you are working on your own project because it takes a lot of time and perhaps you never can create your purpose in your life. After purchasing your desired album, you can download the album right the moment from your profile and have it forever. This site is always up to date so keep your profile information and remember again that emphasis on one subject at a time.

What can I do if I prefer more than one subject?

Meeting with Buoys and Isontric Tones Meeting without Buoys and Isontric Tones
The amount of listening time
Listen as you like, there isn’t any limitation. Up to an hour
Listening time During day (except while you are driving) and sleep time. Night before bedtime
Sound level You don’t need headphone but it is suggested for better result use headphones. It is necessary for buoyant bumps
Headphone The amount you feel. The amount you feel.

How should I use?

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I understand you my friend and I thank you for reading this content.

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